Lust and Passion in a Bottle - Tequila

What is it about tequila that makes us lose our inhibitions? What is it about this Mexican cactus juice that gets our juices flowing? We really don't know. We DO know that it's Tequila Thursday. All tequila is $5 and it's $7 for a top-shelf margarita. 

There's a new tequila on the market Infused with erotic stimulants, Besado (“kissed” in Spanish) Tequila is going to transform a boisterous party beverage into a seductive couples drink.

Why add aphrodisiacs to a drink that is already associated with a lack of inhibitions? “What we found,” says president and CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corporation Alonzo Pierce, “is that men between the ages of 30 and 50 are looking for a higher quality tequila than they were in their 20s. In addition, men in the upper range of that demographic are desperately looking for an increase in libido. So we decided to use three natural ingredients that have proven benefits for increasing sexual desire for both men and women.”

It contains Damiana, Maca and Ginseng. 

Damiana — a wild shrub found in Mexico and Central America — was used by the Mayans as an aphrodisiac. They would smoke it or steep the essence of the Damiana flower in boiling water like a tea. Experts report that it has a slight honey-like sweetness that makes the tequila smoother, which was a preference that people had expressed, preferring less aftertaste. Damiana has also been described as adding mint, musk, and juicy fruit flavors to the earthy bite of the agave.

Maca, relative of the radish with the aroma of butterscotch, has been called Peru’s natural Viagra. Passed down as a medicine since the Incas used it for strength, energy, and increased stamina, it has many health benefits in addition to arousing sexual desire. American Indians and Mayans also used it. In addition, both Maca and Damiana can have an effect on fertility.

Ginseng is one of the most widely used herbal supplements in the world: it stimulates the immune system, increases endurance, and improves mood. Recent medical studies offer evidence that Ginseng provides energy, prevents fatigue, and stimulates cognitive function. It may even help with erectile dysfunction. Used for over 2000 years in Asia, these claims, plus more health benefits, are widely accepted.

When it hits Hawaii, we'll give Besado a try. And we'll let you know about it so you can try it, too. ;-) Meanwhile, come drink with us!