Take a Bite Out of This…

Oahu was in the news this past weekend. Did you hear? Some sea creatures are getting hungry and nibbling on the legs of surfers. Completely frightening.

We've got something de-lish for you to nibble on. A fresh batch of The Baker + The Butcher sandwiches arrive today. The Butcher's Cut- a tri-tip and shitake mushroom fantasy; The BLT- a smoked bacon and tomato jam mashup; Turkey Pesto- a lean turkey and savory basil blend; The Banh Mi- a pork tenderloin and pickled veggie experience!

Carbs be damned. You're hungry. For $4 you can enjoy one of these delicious sandwiches. You know you want one. Order one with a $3 Margarita (today's special) and you'll have yourself a meal. :-) See you soon.