What Does Your Beer Say About You?

It's $2 Tuesday today. Enjoy all beer all day all night; each one= $2. We were curious about what your beer says about you, so we did some research. Turns out that folks at yourtango.com came up with these astute non-scientific observations about men and the beer they drink. Here's how it went:

If you drink Bud or Bud Light, you're the Everyman

What doesn't go well with Bud Light? Hard to come up with the answer, right? Bud Light is the beer for guys who like beer. It may not go down as smooth as other beers out there (Miller Lite anyone?) but if you're a real man, you can handle it. In a relationship, our observation is that a Bud man is a man's man. He is super dependable; he's a top.


If you drink Blue Moon, you're the Trendy Guy

Blue Moon is the beer guys drink when they think they should grow up and stop drinking Bud. While the Blue Moon man can be wrapped up in appearances, he still has a good deal of confidence ("yeah, my beer has an orange slice in it, what of it?"). He can be a great partner in a relationship because he's not afraid of a challenge; he's versatile.

If you drink Corona, you're the Partier

Corona is beer for a fun-loving guy. Who doesn't love a beer you jam a piece of fruit into and drink straight from the bottle? Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or a backyard cookout, the guy with the Corona is probably double-fisting them and having the time of his life. He's probably a fast and fun lover—just as likely to have sex under a table as in the bedroom. Expect a wild ride from this man.

Drink with us today. Top, Versatile, Bottom, Wild or Mild. :-) $2.