Two Guys Walk Into a Bar…

It was last Wednesday around 4pm, and Carl had just finished attending the conference session at the convention center. The trip to Hawaii had been less play and too much work. Now that the whole thing was over, he needed to get out there and relax. He headed to Bacchus.

At the same time, Kali had just aced his mid-term exam at UH and wanted to reward himself by letting loose. He headed to Bacchus.

They both arrived at the bottom of the stairs at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled. There was a spark. Carl gestured that Kali go first, Kali obliged. At the top of the stairs Kali turned and introduced himself.

"Hi, my name is Kali."
"Hi Kali, I'm Carl."
"Local or visitor?" Kali asked.
"Well, I'm here from Vancouver for a conference, well, it just ended, but I'm staying until Sunday. Time to play."
"I like to play…" Kali said with a smirk and a quick giggle.
They both walked into the bar and sat at the stools near the well. Pauli, the bartender, walked over, "What can I get you two handsome gentlemen?"
"What's the special today?" Carl asked.
"It's two for one Wooden Nickel Wednesday. Two drinks for the price of one or you get one drink and a wooden nickel to use for the second one any other time."
"Excellent," Carl and Kali said in unison. They turned to each other and laughed.

Carl looked at Kali and said, "what do you like to drink?"
"I like vodka cranberry."
"So do I, so…" turning back to Pauli, "two vodka cranberry cocktails, please," Carl smiled.

While they waited for their drinks, Carl and Kali asked the typical questions two guys ask, "where are you from? what do you like to do?" "where are you staying?"
An few hours later, they'd had a few drinks, and by this time, their shirts were unbuttoned, and they had exchanged a sensual kiss. 

Kali invited Carl to watch the sunset with him in his back yard in Kaimuki. Carl agreed.

The rest, they wouldn't tell me, but Carl decided to stay an extra week. They'll be at Bacchus again today, It's their two-for-one-week anniversary.