Mars Mixologists

Last week, NASA scientists unveiled something astonishing: salty water on the surface of Mars. At the same time, Hollywood unveiled Matt Damon's rugged good looks as he stars as an astronaut forced to survive the harsh surface of Mars in The Martian. For the moment, everyone has Red Planet fever! We thought we'd share some Martian cocktail recipes - because everyone knows, if you're going to survive in space, you'll need some liquid courage. We won't be making these for you at the bar, but they're an interesting read:


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Put ice and orange juice into a glass. Slowly pour Jägermeister, Blue Curacao and grenadine on top. Decorate with an orange slice.

Find more fun space-themed cocktails here, all thought up by engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. And you thought they were only interested in math!

And Matt Damon's recent gaffes have put him in the news (probably intentionally). Here's his furrowed brow in new trailer for The Martian.