Two Men, Four Lips, One Good Time

Our profile series continues tomorrow, meanwhile, here's a story a customer told us. It happened to him yesterday. This customer was downtown and ran into a customer he recognized from Bacchus.... here's what happened:

"Didn't I see you at Bacchus the other night?"

"Oh hey, yes. I think it was last Wednesday. I remember because it was 2-4-1 night and you ordered a vodka cran and got a wooden nickel and dropped it. And when you bent over, you spilled your drink a little. You got flustered, you were so cute!"

"Man, I was so embarassed. I remember you - you were with a group of guys over by the stage. Kind of intimidating to notice a sexy guy in a group and wonder what your story is."

"You think I'm sexy? Man, I'm totally blushing!"

"Hell yeah. I want to kiss you right now."


Every Wednesday we offer the best deal in Honolulu. It's our 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel special. Order a cocktail, pay for it, get a wooden nickel for a second cocktail of the same value. The wooden nickel is good any day, any time. Who knows, you might just get to meet a hunky guy and kiss him. :-)