Superstitions and Drinking

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If you're one of those people who avoid traveling, going to work, drinking in a bar or signing important documents on Friday the 13th, you have paraskevidekatriaphobia. There is no need to call the doctor. It means a fear of Friday the 13th.

Below are some superstitions relating to drinking:

When offering a toast, look every person in the group in the eye
I've never heard why you are supposed to this: to me, it just seems polite. It's in the English speaking world that people stare at their drink when they cheers. But the rigidness with which this rule is enforced in Spain suggests that some believe it is bad luck if you don't meet eyes.

Never cross arms when toasting. Jeez! This drinking business is complicated! Wait your turn to click the glass or say "cheers" to the guy next to you or opposite you. Don't duck under the other people who are saying "cheers."

It's bad luck to bump glasses with non-alcoholic drinks. Drinking wine? Sure, clink away! Drinking soda? don't even think about touching that other glass! The repercussions of toasting with water: 7 years of bad sex!

It's bad luck to toast with plastic, or any other non-glass cup material. You can still toast and bump cups, but you have to touch back-of-the-hand to back-of-the-hand instead of cup-to-cup.

Label the last drink in the bar any given evening 'the second to last.' Because your last drink would be the last in your life!

If you believe this stuff, then you know what to do to avoid it. If you don't believe in it, you'll know how to recognize people who believe in this stuff.

Leave your superstitions behind and come drink with us today, tonight and through the weekend.