Making the MOst of the Month

Our profile series returns tomorrow, meanwhile... we wanted to thank all who have contributed so far to our Movember fundraising efforts. By purchasing a $1 mustache, we are, in turn, donating that money directly to the Life Foundation. Fundraising continues through November 30th, so…

Come on in today, it's $2 Tuesday; the music will be playing. All beer is $2, all day, all night. A Baker + Butcher sandwich is $4, all day, all night. A Movember mustache is $1, all day, all night. Adding it up, today, you can enjoy 2 beers and a sandwich all while supporting men's health — for a total of $10 (we threw in a $1 tip). 

Here are some photos of customers who are supporting the Life Foundation.

Photos by Robson

Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV and to assisting people who are living with HIV and AIDS. 

We encourage all our customers, and blog readers to get tested and know your status. Today, Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive- we are hopeful that his news may help create awareness. We are also aware that his much publicized "hookers and blow" lifestyle may result in stigmatizing an HIV diagnosis by those with a fear and blame attitude.

Whether your personal opinion is that Charlie Sheen "was asking" for trouble or not there are serious dangers to publicly shaming someone for being upfront about their diagnosis. Open and honest conversation about HIV is the most effective way for HIV-positive people to receive the best information and support necessary to live full lives under the diagnosis. Open communication is also the best way for HIV-negative people to remain HIV free.

Studies have proven that talking about HIV and AIDS leads to increased condom use, testing, and effective prevention; therefore resulting in fewer infections.

Get tested. Know your status. Movember is a great time to do it.