How to Drink Tequila

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How to drink Tequila:
Blanco tequila is perfect for shots and works nicely in cocktails like the Margarita, the Paloma and the Bloody Maria. Reposado, añejo and extra-añejo tequilas can be sipped like whiskies or can be used to create a decadent cocktail. Tequila is $5 every Thursday here at Bacchus Waikiki.

Fun Fact: In 1974, “Tequila” becomes the intellectual property of Mexico

In a move to take ownership of the term “tequila,” the Mexican government declared the term as its intellectual property in 1974. This made it necessary for tequila to be made and aged in certain areas of Mexico, and it also made it illegal for other countries to produce or sell their own “tequila.” The Tequila Regulatory Council was additionally created to ensure quality and promote the culture surrounding the spirit.

The snobs will tell you to forego the salt and lime. We say, do what you want. It's your money. Live your life, not someone else's. :-) Come to Bacchus and enjoy!

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