Willie? Or Won't He?

The man's a chameleon. Or is he a Renaissance man? How do you describe a guy who's rugged, handsome, knowledgable in diverse subjects, artistically creative AND knows how to wield a power saw? He's a man's man. So busy, and so charitable with his time. When it came time to answer our questionnaire, it wasn't a question of will he or won't he, he's so generous, he always will. :-)

Where are you from? I'm originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. How long have you lived in Hawaii? Just about ten years. What is your relationship status? I'm single. What are your favorite qualities in a man? I like a man who is energetic; his personality is outgoing, and there is a bit old school romantic about him. What are your chief characteristics? I would say I'm creative and energetic. I'm also a terrible speller. I have a high sense of adventure, and, like the man I seek, I'm an old school romantic because there's nothing like the first kiss. People would describe me as a bit of a flirt. What do you appreciate most about your friends? I appreciate the sense of family I have with my circle of friends. We take the good with the bad. What is your idea of happiness? That's simple! Good food, good drink, good friends, good times.

To you, what is the depth of misery? A desk job. If you weren't yourself, who would you like to be? I would be my late Grandmother. The strongest person I have ever known. Where else in the world would you like to live? If I had to chose I think I would want to live in the Deep South, on a big old southern plantation. What's your favorite drink? I have two: Bud Light and Fireball. What would you tell others about Bacchus Waikiki? It's such a comfortable place where everybody knows your name. I've been a regular from the beginning and love to support the bar in any way I can. 

Anything else to add? I work at the Diamond Head Theatre as the Technical Director and master scenic designer. I have over 100 theatre credits in HI and more than 250 lifetime theatre credits. I'm very involved with the local LGBT community and serve on the board of directors for Hawai'is LGBT Legacy Foundation, the Aloha Bears, and HIGFFL. I am the chairperson for the Honolulu Pride Parade and chairperson for the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League's first invitational, The Aloha Classic 2016.

 An exhausted Willie. ;-)

An exhausted Willie. ;-)

So what did we learn about Willie? He's a creative cheesehead (LOL) who is deeply involved in the gay community of Honolulu. He values strength and adventure and romanticizes about the first kiss. Join him at Bacchus for a Bud Light and ask him why his grandma is his source of inspiration.