Friends & Family

Black Friday has ended. The story from shops and malls across the USA: why do we go nuts for things we don't need or can't afford?

We're always trying to keep it fun and affordable at Bacchus. So come on in today, we've got…

a relaxing afternoon planned. We open at noon and Kainoa is manning our Bloody Mary bar; it's so nice to add the fixin's you want to your cocktail. Bring your friends, bring your family and enjoy a cocktail or beer along with a delicious Baker + Butcher sandwich; roast beef, turkey pesto, BLT and pork banh mi sandwiches are all just $4. 

 Andrew is a loyal customer and he's also a Baker + Butcher chef.

Andrew is a loyal customer and he's also a Baker + Butcher chef.

Pauli comes on late this afternoon and Robson, Brett, Adam, Malcolm, Ivan, and Scotty will man their stations tonight while DJ Vaughn mixes spin the crowd up down around and sideways.

Come on in to Bacchus today for booze, music and fun. Bring your friends, bring your family; you'll be glad you did.

How bizarre are the Black Friday videos showing people fighting over sale items at Walmart? You've probably seen the video of the woman snatching a discounted vegetable steamer box out of the hands of a very small child and the ensuing fight (some are claiming that this vid is a fake). Or the flat screen tv brawl where the merchandise is damaged in the melée. Who does this stuff the day after sitting down with friends and family and telling them what you're thankful for?