Planning for The Next One…

Many guys come into the bar knowing exactly what they want. They drink it every time. "Raspberry Stoli Soda," or "Jack and Ginger Ale," or "Rum and Coke" are among the many frequent requests.

There are those that have no clue about what they want to drink. Their mood is unsure. Questioning, "What do I want?"

"Make me whatever you want," may work on a slow afternoon when the bartender has time to craft you something special. He'll ask a few questions about what you like, "Sweet?" "Bitter?" "Fruity?" etc. During a busy evening rush, however, this isn't the request our guys want to hear.

If you do venture into the bar not knowing what you want, don't walk right up to the bar — just wait to order. Look around, see what other people are drinking. What looks good. Who's cute. :-)

If you still can't figure it out, order a Mai Tai (if you like fruity, sweet drinks); after all, you're in Hawaii and we serve the original recipe (no pineapple).

Order a Vodka Martini Up / 2 olives (if you like savory drinks); after all, you're in a gay bar and nothing looks more classic and elegant and, well, gay, than a man drinking a martini (definitely no pineapple).

If you do this on a Wednesday here, you're gonna get a wooden nickel to use for a "free" second drink of the same value. The nickel is good to use any time, any day (not just on Wednesdays). 

So make up your mind to come to Bacchus; do it. When you get here, place your order. You've got another thing coming to you. ;-)