Modest Arousal; Is There a Pill For That?!

This is the second of 12 customer profiles we are running between now and Thanksgiving.

It's a rare breed that makes me shoot milk out of my nose when I'm not even drinking milk. Our next profile subject, using the pseudonym Modest Arousal, is a witty man. He pours on the snark and shares his childhood dreams of the melting pot known as the New York state capital, makes us double-take our cultural insensitivity and ponder pillow fights and whether Jesus used his powers for good and evil.

Where were you born? I'd rather not say. People in Milton-Freewater, Oregon wouldn't appreciate recognition in gay establishments. How long have you lived in Hawaii? Long enough to know what "Da Kine" means...and no, I won't tell you. Your relationship status? I would have to check Facebook...(sigh) so much to keep track of. What are your favorite qualities in a man? He must be able to put up a fight - if I hit you with a pillow, I expect a pillow fight. His cuddle level must be grand master. Being adventurous would be on the top of the list. 

What are your chief characteristics? I think this question is culturally insensitive :-). What do you appreciate most about your friends? That my friends are honest with me but know me well enough to keep it to themselves. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Cuddling in bed with my husband and dog watching a scary movie. Hands down. What's your idea of complete misery? Sharing a bed with my husband an dog watching a scary movie. If you weren't yourself, who would you be? Andrew Sullivan, so I can take a shower and sneak a peek. I wouldn't mind.

Where else in the world would you like to live? Albany. Albany has been the place I've wanted to move to since I was a wee toddler. I had "VISIT ALBANY" posters plastered on my wall. I'm in the "Come to Albany, you'll love it!" club. Who are your favorite heroes of fiction? Jesus and his apostles - walking on water abilities, - can turn water to wine to hinder his enemies, - self healing powers. What talent would you like to be gifted with? To be able to say what my favorite alcoholic drink is and then someone buys me that alcoholic drink. Your favorite drink? Wow! This question is a total surprise - I tend to stick with lighter beer. What would you tell others about Bacchus Waikiki?  I would say that if you want a place where you could be yourself, have fun and make friends, this is the place to be. Anything else to add? My husband isn't going to see this, right?

If you see this fellow around the bar, take a big gulp of your cocktail, swallow it completely, then say hi. :-) In all seriousness, thank you for the profile and the wit!