A Clever Man Avoids Trivial Pursuits, Drinks Beer

This is the third of 12 customer profiles we are running before Thanksgiving.

Aaron's the kind of guy who, if something went wrong in his life, he'd stop and declare (out loud), "Plot Twist!" then move on. His take on the questionnaire was direct and swift. Not a military man, but semper fidelis serves as a guidepost, Captain Picard gives him tingles and so does the man whose mission is to find a place for the buggers to live.

Where were you born? Colorado. How long have you lived in Hawaii? Five years. Your relationship status? Single. What are your favorite qualities in a man? Humor. Intellect. Kindness. What are your chief characteristics? I'm intelligent, loyal and relatively witty. What do you appreciate most about your friends? Loyalty, kindness and they are some of the nicest people I know. 

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I'm in a big comfy chair in a room full of books and a hot cup of coffee. What's your idea of complete misery? Endlessly working on trivial tasks that don't fulfill a greater purpose. If you weren't yourself, who would you be? Patrick Stewart. He's awesome. Where else in the world would you like to live? In a cabin in the woods somewhere. Who are your favorite heroes of fiction? Ender from Ender's game.  (editor's note: Ender is the guy who makes it his mission to find a place for buggers to live. Read the book, see the movie.)

What talent would you like to be gifted with? Flirtation, I stink at it. Your favorite drink? Beer...IPA or Stout. What would you tell others about Bacchus Waikiki?  I enjoy Bacchus for its laid-back atmosphere, its friendly staff and patrons, and for its neighborhood / community ethos. Anything else to add? I appreciate the support that Bacchus gives to the community whether it is supporting fundraising efforts by the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League, the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu or The Aloha Bears.

Aaron's a straight-shooter with a wry sense of humor. He plays flag football, sings in the chorus and supports other groups in Honolulu. At Bacchus he often drinks Longboard or Stella- looking over the edge of the glass, he'll jokingly furrow his brow then smile a smile that'll make you smile. We're glad to have him as a customer.