Wearing Gear Gives You Confidence

Our GEAR party is tomorrow night (Friday, 12/11, 10PM). Our October party was a great success. What is appropriate to wear to our GEAR party? And, more important, what will I have to be wearing to be entered into the Mr-S-Leather $100 gift card drawing?

Your GEAR can be as simple as an armband or a harness or a wrestling singlet. Wear chaps or motorcycle leathers to dive deep. No nudity is allowed, but those tight blue jeans and your boots with your cowboy hat definitely qualifies. Here's a slideshow to give you some ideas.

So GEAR UP for tomorrow. Wear your gear with confidence.

In the meantime, today's Tequila Thursday- our tequila is $5. Order up a premium margarita for just $7. Enjoy some throwback tunes and plan for tomorrow.