ASK BACCHUS: Why is the Bar Named "BACCHUS"?

One of the most frequent questions we get from patrons is, "Why is this bar called Bacchus?"

More than three thousand years ago, people living on a beautiful island in a blue sea imagined a fun-loving god who demanded a party. They imagined a mischievous god who asked them to let go of their cares, have a drink, relax and enjoy the company of old and new friends in a here-and-now paradise. They imagined Bacchus.

On a different island in another sea, we have that same dream every day. We want to be the place where good people come to have a drink and loosen up; listen to great music; meet old friends and make new ones. We encourage good-natured mischief. That's why we named it Bacchus.

Come by for a visit. Today is our $2 Tuesday. Enjoy any tap beer for $2.

Bacchus is the ancient Roman god of wine (and the grape, wine making, fertility, theater, ritual madness and religious ecstasy). His Greek counterpart is Dionysus.