ASK BACCHUS: Our Best Selling Beer in 2015?

Dear Bacchus: What was your best-selling beer this past year and can you speculate as to why?

Tsunami IPA is the runaway best seller at Bacchus in 2015.
This favorite offers a wave of mandarin orange aroma and coasts to a smooth, easy finish. It's a breezy ride, not too bitter, and a perfect introduction to local beer.

Many guys come in wanting to taste a local brew and they try a Tsunami and they're hooked. It's one of the twelve beers we have on tap. And since it's best served in a pint glass, it's sure to please.

Longboard Lager comes next. We know that our customers like and want local brews and the logic is that Longboard Lager by Kona Brewing is a local brew (it's actually brewed in California).  Nonetheless, this smooth flavored beer with a hoppy aroma is our second most frequently ordered beer.

Blue Moon is a close third. With this lager, again, citrus plays a big role. The ritual of adding an orange wedge is what customers like. Other rituals for beers include the lime in your Corona and the specialty glassware for Chimay, Duvel and lambics.

All beer is $2 every Tuesday at Bacchus. Come on in and order a tap beer with a sandwich. It's the best deal in the neighborhood.