Highly Recommended

What's good here? 

It's a frequently asked question to the bartenders at Bacchus. The answer is never easy because we can highly recommend so many drinks for you. The easy go-to is the Moscow Mule. We've had so many compliments on our combination of ginger beer and vodka and lime served in our customized copper cup. It's an easy place to start. Next, we'll go to local beer; you can get it at most bars in Hawaii, but it's always fresh and always a tasty option.

What else is good at Bacchus? The camaraderie between the staff and the patrons. We're here to make your time at the bar enjoyable and memorable. And, if you're traveling solo or with a buddy, it's easy to meet people with a simple, "hello."

Ask us for our recommendations for local restaurants, beaches, after hours fun and activities to enjoy on the other Hawaiian islands.

We want you to enjoy Hawaii. We want you to enjoy Bacchus. We want you to highly recommend us to your friends and family. We want you to come back.