2015 Highlights

What a great year at Bacchus Waikiki! Thank you to all of you who came by and enjoyed a drink with us. Here are some highlights from our past year:

January · February · March 2015

January: Our year began with our new tap beer system. Twelve shiny new handles graced our bar top. The increased variety of options was an instant hit. We welcomed David (one of the owners) to Honolulu and behind the bar to serve our customers. We planned our 2015 events and continued with our daily specials: Margarita Mondays, etc. We're looking forward to a new selection of brews and more daily specials and Tap Beer Tuesdays in 2016.
February: Our very own Robson expertly photographed the Bacchus staff at work and the photos became favorites online and in print ads. Someone stole our beloved horse Equus, but the theft was caught on camera (nice try, Jan!) and the horse was returned the next day. The whole incident became a social media sensation. We're looking forward to more of Robson's photos and less scandal! :-)
March: The new bacchus-waikiki.com launched and featured this daily blog you're reading now. We post daily and haven't missed a day since the start. We also started our new cocktail menus and featured timeless mixed drinks including the Royal Hawaiian and the Classic Mai Tai (no pineapple). We're looking forward to more blogging and more delicious cocktails in 2016!

April · May · June 2015

April: We started off the month with our Glow party. Everyone enjoyed the brilliance of our customized staff t-shirts. As part of our outreach and good will, we continued hosting The Aloha Bears Second Sunday Catamaran Cruises pre- and post-cruise gatherings and providing free lunch and cocktail for the passengers. We also started photographing the events and featuring them on our blog. We are looking forward to more Vaughn, more bears and more photos in 2016.
May: The Bacchus Honey Badgers made their debut in baby blue and gold in the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League. The team would dominate games throughout the summer. Bacchus headed up Team Mimosa and happily provided refreshment for all flag football players and spectators at Kapiolani Park. Sassy write-ups of the weekly games were also featured in our blog. In the month we hosted beer busts for HIGFFL and the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu.
June: The month started with Gay Pride and we had our first ever sign-carrying, megaphone-blasting protester. Our very own Pauli graciously offered this “Christian” a bottle of water to cool off in the sun, then posed for one of the most memorable photos of 2015. We offered up B-logo tattoos to parade goers and customers. We also hosted our very first beer garden event, Splashdown as the closing party for Pride weekend. The event was a hit and made national gay news with 80 year-old lei-selling Misu cavorting with our very limber go-go dancer. We look forward to fewer protests, more fun at Pride and more national exposure in 2016.

July · August · September 2015

July: The bar was decked out with patriotic red, white and blue bunting for the Fourth of July. We welcomed the Baker + Butcher to our fridge and started selling their sandwiches to our customers — an instant hit, the Butcher's cut (roast beef) sells out every week. The Honey Badgers became league champions after sweeping through the playoffs and winning a hard fought championship game against the scrappy, trash talkin', very oddly named In Between Balls & Dolls. We hosted another beer bust for HIGFFL and social media blew up over a certain bare torso jello-shot video posted on Facebook. We're looking forward to more bunting, more sandwiches, more championships and more social media busting beer busts in 2016.
August: Some Bacchus staff traveled to Lazy Bear 19 in Guerneville, California to promote the bar and tend bar at the pool parties, bonfires and dance club events. The summer heat and humidity meant that air conditioned Bacchus was a respite to all who entered. Still, that couldn't keep the clothes on for the party goers who stripped down to their skivvies and a white towel for our Steam Party mid-August. We're looking forward to more off-island promotions and cool and steamy bare-chested, wrapped-in-a-towel times in 2016.
September: We hosted Lei Bear Day and welcomed men from the Australia, Europe and the US mainland at the meet and greet and the post 3 hour Makani Cruise party in our second Beer Garden. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on September 13th and our bartenders Luke and Kainoa were featured on the cover of September Odyssey magazine. DeeJay Vaughn (or is it just DJ? who knows- we love him either way!) hosted his first Base Club - Hawaii's only LGBT hip hop and r&b music party. The crowds were calling for more and we watched them Ney Ney-ing well into the next day. We're looking forward to more visitors from afar, more beer gardens, more bartenders featured in publications and more Base Club in 2016.

October · November · December 2015

October: The men of Honolulu showed up in droves for our first Gear Party. Who knew there were so many proud local leather men? We saw harnesses of all varieties, some sport gear and some rubber/neoprene combinations. We welcomed DJ Takai in to our team; his amazing mixes and crowd pumping MC-ing got (and still gets) the crowds wanting more. The GMCoH brought in droves of customers and jello shot lovers to their costume party beer bust. Our rafters were filled with the tombstones of Dorothy and her yellow brick road pals as we went sick and twisted for our Wicked Wizard of Oz themed Hallowe'en party. And if you've ever been to Bacchus on Hallowe'en, you know that  it never disappoints. We're looking forward to more Gear Parties (see December), more DJ Takai, more Halloween (the theme will be Villains) in 2016. 
November: We kicked off our first ever HoMoVember on the first of the month; we sold fake mustaches to customers to raise awareness of gay men's health issues (please get tested for HIV and know your status) - the men of Honolulu need more education. We donated the money to the Life Foundation. The month also saw the first series of customer profiles – a group dubbed THE BACCHUS TWELVE". We thank Joey, Rafael, Aaron, Jantzen, Shadrach, Anthony, Gan, Butch, Jerel, Willie, Michael and Ty for exposing themselves and lighting up our social media presence. We got stuffed for Thanksgiving and welcomed more holiday travelers from around the world. We're looking forward to more HoMoVembers, more customer profiles and more worldly travelers in 2016.
December: The highlights of December include our second Gear party (this time with a $100 gift card raffle for Mr-S Leather gear). As expected, the men of Honolulu showed up again and showed off their gear – puppy gear, leather kilts, harnesses, arm bands, sports gear and more were on display. DJ Takai hosted our LMFAO Party Rock event and, as expected, everyone donned some fun sunglasses and had a "really good time". The bar was decked out in a wrapping paper pattern with a plaid wrapping paper runway. Thanks Willie! Our Christmas party featured delicious passed hors d'oeuvres made by Andrew Mitchell. The year is ending on a high note with our Red Party tonight to ring in the new year. We're looking forward to more Gear parties, more special events, more special decorations, more delicious food and more of YOU in 2016. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you. 

We know that 2016 will be a great year. We'll say farewell to some good friends that are moving away. We'll say hello to new friends that will relocate to Oahu. We'll host numerous parties and events and offer up the tastiest cocktails and the friendliest service and the best DJs and DeeJays. We'll never charge a cover and we'll celebrate 5 years as Honolulu's hottest gay bar. Happy New Year.

Like us on Facebook. Read our blog every day. Come in for a drink and bring your friends. :-)