Sunrise, Sunset, Bacchus

You woke up next to him - that sexy man you've been cruising online and at Bacchus for the last three days. Last night was incredible; he was everything you imagined.

It's a Wednesday morning and you slip out of bed. He's sleeping soundly and won't wake. You want to go for a quick swim. It's just after sunrise, and off in the distance some spinner dolphins frolicked in the calm waters. You walk into the gentle waves slowly. You want to get closer to the dolphins. Your spine tingles; this is an amazing experience.

It's later that afternoon, 5:30-ish, just before sundown and you're walking with him in the surf of Waikiki. You stop to take a photo and  you're so engaged by his sexy smile you almost forget to snap the pic. He laughs. You ask…

"What are you doing later?"

"It's 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday at Bacchus. That's what we're doing."

Join us.