Margarita Monday with Tequila Trivia!

It's Margarita Monday! Tequila, lime, and a tasty lick of salt are just $3 all day. Later, it's Industry Night from 8pm on.  Do you know your tequila trivia? Can you answer these questions correctly?  Answers at the bottom.

1. What's the oldest style of tequila - resposado, blanco, or anejo?

2. What kind of plant does tequila come from?

3. What is the worm in tequila called?

4. Can anyone make tequila?

5. How much does a margarita cost at Bacchus today, all day?

(answers below)


1. Anejo is the oldest, usually aged at least one year. Reposado has been aged in barrels between 2-11 months. Blanco tequila is unaged or aged just briefly.

2. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant. Contrary to popular belief, agave isn't a cactus, it's member of the lily family.

3. The tequila worm is called a gusano - but it's not found in most tequilas; you'll find it in mezcal.

4. Like champagne from France, tequila comes from a specific place - Jalisco, in Mexico, and a few other particular areas of Mexico. Everything else is "Spirit of Agave" liquor.

5. $3. Come on in and enjoy a refreshing margarita!