The secret to building your own Bloody Mary

Step 1: The booze

Your Bloody Mary is almost always going to be made with vodka – about two ounces, but we’ve been known to add a little more. 

Step 2: The juice

In case you didn’t know, our special house-made bloody mary mix is tomato-based. It's what puts the “blood” in the Bloody Mary. For the truly adventurous there is Clamato juice.

Step 3: The spices

Take a good look at the featured ingredients. Experimentation is key here; a dash of this and two dashes of that can be difference between a good Bloody Mary and a great one.

Step 4: The garnish(es)

Your Bloody Mary needs to look good, too. A big ol’ stalk of celery is the most common garnish for the Bloody Mary, but don’t let that stop you from trying something a bit more imaginative. A blue cheese-stuffed olive brings a savory element to the table; and a pickled jalapeño – or, better yet, a variety of pickled veggies – will help build your appetite. Or go hard with beef jerky.