Hawaiian Throwback and a Tequila Sunrise

Sip on this tidbit:
Magnum P.I. aired from the 1980 through 1988 television seasons. In the show- virile, hairy chested, handsome Tom Selleck headlined as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator. What raised my eyebrow was that Magnum (as his buddies called him) lived rent-free in a seaside mansion called Robin's Nest at the behest of a never-seen wealthy gentleman who supposedly valued him for his expertise in security. A kept man? Perhaps it's spicy speculation, but it's truly tittlating. 
Sexy Magnum was free to live an easy life: working only when he wanted to, driving a souped up Ferrari and a enjoying a fridge seemingly always full of beer. What went on when the lights went out at Robin's Nest? A furry fruity macho man tryst? We like to think so.
All this talk of Spice and Fruit conjure up thoughts of flavors you'll find in a Tequila Sunrise. And I'll remind you that tequila drinks are $5 at Bacchus every Thursday.