BOOZE & FUN: Who the hell was Bloody Mary, anyway?*

It's Easter weekend and despite Mary's efforts, both Protestants and Catholics celebrate the holiday. The Bacchus Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar is in full swing again. We're offering the same delicious additions as last week and two recommended recipes: the Modern Classic and the Hawaiian Classic. Or customize your own.

*A little "Tudoring" goes a long way: Mary was the first and only child of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. (insert lots of family drama- religion/beheadings/gluttony/et cetera) At 37 Mary became queen when her teen 1/2 brother Edward died. She, like her mother, was Catholic, and thought Protestants were heretics—so she had many of them executed. This engendered upon her the nickname Bloody Mary.

 Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary in  The Tudors

Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary in The Tudors