BOOZE: Throw one back.....way back!

Join us for a Throwback Thursday Memory:
Frank Sinatra was the epitome of American male coolness. When he walked into any room, his confident swagger created an electric charge. Some men wanted to be with him and some men wanted to be him. He drank Jack Daniels. Every day.

Part of Sinatra’s manly and cool presence came from the way he talked. See, Frank had a way of livening up every part of life, even the English language. He peppered casual conversations with phrases and words that to the uninitiated sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Yet it left people intrigued, and wanting to be part of the seemingly exclusive fraternity that used this secret lingo. It not only created a magnetic attraction, but simply sounded damn cool.

He called women "chicks" and "dames;" he called alcohol "gasoline" and a party was a "clam bake."

We call it classic Sinatra. Come enjoy some Frank today at Bacchus.