FUN: Two Dollar Trivia!

Tuesday means foamy drafts and ice-cold bottles are only two dollars at Bacchus. Got some $2 bills lying around? This is the chance to use them! In honor of the best $2 Tuesday deal in Waikiki, we have a few questions about that mysterious, rare, beer-buying currency. How many can you get right?

1. Who is featured on the two dollar bill?

2. How much are most $2 bills worth?

3. Is the two dollar bill still being printed?

4. Why do many establishments like $2 bills?

5. What beer can you buy with your $2 every Tuesday at Bacchus?


1. Who is featured on the two dollar bill?

The face side features Thomas Jefferson. Originally, the bill featured Jefferson's rival Alexander Hamilton, but it was changed in the 1860s.

2. How much are most $2 bills worth?

$2! It's a common myth that two dollar bills are more valuable. Most are just worth their legal tender. When are they worth more? When there's a mis-print or an error.

3. Is the two dollar bill still being printed?

Yes. The bill was discontinued in 1966, but brought back for the bicentennial in 1976. It's still being printed and it's the rarest small bill in US currency.

4. Do many establishments like $2 bills?

Some consider them to be good luck, other's- bad luck , but we think it's a good way to encourage generous tips!

5. What beers can you buy with your $2 all day/all night, every Tuesday at Bacchus?

Any of our twelve delicious draft beers, plenty of cans and bottles, domestic beers, import beers, hoppy beers, malty beers, light beers, dark rich creamy beers…basically any brew in the house.  See you tonight!