Public Drinking :-) at Bacchus!

Our country’s love/hate relationship with booze is especially prevalent in certain parts of the South, where liquor laws can range from draconian to lackadaisical. Georgia falls into the latter category. The best example being that the Peach State has no law against drinking in public. That means residents and visitors to Atlanta and Savannah frequently enjoy a cold beverage in the city’s squares and parks. Hawaii, on the other hand… oy! 

BUT we have been granted a license to sell liquor outside on Sunday, June 7th, 2PM – 8PM in the ground floor courtyard area between the stairwells of Bacchus and Siam Square. We will call this the Bacchus Beer Garden.

In celebration of the end of our space-themed Pride Week that will be OUT OF THIS WORLD, we are calling the event in the beer garden, SPLASHDOWN. 

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