Orange IS the New…


We know that our favorite Netflix series just dropped 13 new episodes, but it's no reason to stay inside and binge watch the ENTIRE weekend! Well, sexy Officer Bennett thinks you should wait… There's so much going on at Bacchus today, tonight and tomorrow: 

  1. Bacchus Honey Badgers vs. Hulas post-game bloody marys at our Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar 12PM – 5PM
  2. Lunchtime, munchtime Butcher & Baker gourmet sandwiches available all day/night for $8
  3. HIGFFL team celebration: GAME OVER tonight at 8:30PM
  4. Lyle Roe celebrates his birthday with the HIGFFL (also at 8:30PM)
  5. DJ Vaughn turns the party on at 10PM
  6. The Aloha Bears meet up pre cruise, Sunday late morning at 11:30AM
  7. The Aloha Bears post cruise munch, mix and mingle at 2:30/3:00PM
  8. Mahi and GJ's soulful voices blend on the stage at 4:00PM
  9. Our new cocktail menu available every day — try the Royal Hawaiian

  10. Add Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice to any cocktail for $2. That way you'll get your share of Orange without being glued to the TV.