Are You There Vodka? It’s me…

While vodka is usually associated with Russia and other Eastern European countries, it's actually America's favorite spirit whether served by half-naked men in towels or not. In fact, we drink more VODKA than GIN, RUM, TEQUILA and COGNAC combined.  People still have misperceptions about it. Let's try to dispel some.

  1. All vodka is not the same. Like water and wine, vodka reflects where it comes from. Eastern European vodkas are much more assertive and robust. The west produces a much softer, approachable vodka.
  2. The number of distillations means something (not always good). The more you play with your vodka, the higher the risk of stripping it of any flavor or nuance.
  3. Vodka doesn't just come from potatoes. We're now all familiar with Ciroc (grape based vodka) and there's even one brand made from milk (Black Cow). Most of the vodka in the US is made from corn, wheat or other grains.
  4. Ordering a mixed drink? The vodka matters, sometimes. Life it too short to drink cheap, poorly distilled vodka. You will feel the difference the next day. 
  5. Price tag does not indicate quality. Taste as many vodkas in as many different price ranges as possible. We're all familiar with the Grey Goose ad campaign bragging the title of BEST VODKA IN THE WORLD because they won a taste test ONCE, back in 1991. If you like it, pay for it, drink it. But when we run our blind taste tests, the vodkas that are always coming out on top are Stoli and Smirnoff - inexpensive classics.

Bacchus offers a wide selection of vodkas with many flavors to accommodate many palates. Order a vodka cocktail today. ;-)