Frozen? Let It Go!

Frozen pint glass? Some say cold masks the subtle flavor profiles that the brewers have crafted in your beer. That's why our first choice is not to serve your tap beer in a frozen or chilled glass.

Instead, we rinse the glass. 

A wet glass is generally considered preferable to a dry glass when pouring beer - we have star rinsers built into our draft drip trays. What this does is remove any dust or detergent residue from the glass before we put beer into it - thus ensuring that you are only tasting the beer that you purchased and not leftover sanitizer from our cleaning system.
We shake out the excess water if the glass is too wet and we don't water down your beer. A rinse also helps develop a nice head on the beer with little to no bubbles clinging to the side of the pint.

Disagree with our take? Let the storm rage on… In any case, all beer is $2 every Tuesday at Bacchus.