BOOZE & FUN: Where's the Rum Gone?

Vodka is smooth and sexy; whiskey's for the intellectual set; tequila's the go-to party starter.  But what about that old standby, rum? The pirate's drink no longer, rum is a diverse class of liquors deserving of praise and appreciation.  Here's are a few thirst-inducing facts about the  favorite.

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- Rum is the first branded spirit to have ever been made.

- Rum has medicinal properties that were especially useful for armies at war until a few decades ago. The British Army in particular was known to give rations of rum to its sailors as a mixture of rum and wine kept the risk of scurvy (a major threat at the time) at bay. This ration was referred to as 'tot o' rum' and what actually prevented the scurvy was the dash of lime added to the mixture.

- In a spectacular display of a love for rum, the infamous Admiral Nelson who died in the Battle of Trafalgar, had his body preserved in a cask of rum before it was finally laid to rest. Accounts differ as to whether the cask was full or mostly empty at the time, but we do know for sure rum was referred to as 'Nelson's Blood' for a period of time after the incident!

-The Caribbean is undoubtedly the epicenter of all rum production in the world. Virtually every island produces its own distinct rum style. More than 80% of the world's total output comes from there.

The most expensive rum in the world lacks a specific name but more than makes up for it in price. Bottled in the 1940s by the Jamaican distillers Wray and Nephew, it contains blends that are believed to date as far back as 1915. There only four such bottles remaining in the world, which represent the lost tradition of Wray and Nephew. They are valued at a whopping $40,000 a bottle!

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