BOOZE, MUSIC & FUN: 2-4-1 – The Gayest Cocktail

This week being Gay Pride week, we wondered if there is such a thing as a gay drink? Our curiosity was BOOSTED, so we asked around…and the responses:
"YES! The Cosmo! Cosmopolitan, definitely."
"I think it's the fuzzy navel."

"The Velvet Hammer! (vodka, creme de cacoa, milk, a cherry) is clearly the gayest drink."

We might never know the gayest drink out there is but last night when a barely dressed Brazilian said, quietly and with a heavy accent, the gayest drink is "what makes you more happy." Well, we'll drink to that. Happy Pride.

Order any cocktail at Bacchus today and receive a wooden nickel for a second drink. Use the nickel any day, any time.

And our OUT OF THIS WORLD Pride week continues today with BOOST. Charge your rockets, tonight DJ Kuya spins 10PM - 2AM.