Red Bull Takes Us Higher

Energy drinks such as Red Bull have long been dogged by rumors that they contain dangerous ingredients such as "artificially manufactured stimulants," and in more recent years such rumors have taken a turn towards the bizarre with claims that various brands of energy drink include bull sperm.
"Just a bunch of bull!," says the Austrian brand manager. We believe him. ;-)


The brand is known for its risk taking and brash, in-your-face swagger, but including sperm in a drink would be one step beyond. Just like when Felix Baumgartner flew to the stratosphere in a Red Bull space capsule and jumped back to earth. It was the highest recorded skydive ever. 

But back to the question, what's in it? What are the ingredients that make you high or just feel high? Caffeine and Taurine and Glucaronolactone. While we all know about the stimulating effects of caffeine, what about those two others? 

Taurine occurs naturally in fish and meat. It acts as an anti-oxidant and is essential for cardiovascular function. Glucaronolactone is a little more controversial, but it is important in Vitamin C synthesis and also helps the body remove toxins.

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