A Proven Mathematical Formula to Get You Through Hump Day

Does Wednesday have you feeling like this?

Don't despair….we've done the math to calculate a way to a happy Wednesday for you.

Let's begin with a given: there are only three days left in the work week. But this week, 4th of July means we can subtract 1 day from the week! So that's only 2 more days to cover.

But we know that even two days can seem like a lot. Come to Bacchus tonight, buy a cocktail, and you get two cocktails for the price of one - one for tonight, and one wooden nickel to spend tonight, tomorrow (or any other day).

So let's sum up:

3 days left in the week - 1 holiday + 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday cocktails = ONE AWESOME WEDNESDAY!

See you tonight at Bacchus!