The Pluto Fly-by!

If you haven't heard, NASA recently captured the first-ever pictures of the planet(?) Pluto named after this devilish ruler. 

This inspired us to probe the depths of the Internet for the best Pluto themed cocktails. Here's one fun suggestion for Tequila Thursday:

Sunrise on Pluto

In a highball…mix 3 parts tequila with 3 parts vodka and 1.5 parts blue curaçao. Add a dash of grenadine and fill the remainder of the glass with lemonade.

Watch the blue, yellow and red mix and sink to the bottom of the glass and give an overall sunrise effect.


And below, we show the crowned Pluto manhandling Prosperina (Persephone) - in a statue by Bernini. That's another story for another time (she is the mother of Bacchus! - his father was Zeus)

Do you have a great Pluto recipe? Maybe something with ice, new horizons, or...?