80% Chance of Rainbows


It's July 17th in Honolulu. The thermometer says 85 degrees. The humidity is around 80%. You know it because that trickle of sweat that starts between your shoulder blades just wriggled it's way down into your butt crack. You're lucky you live within a mile of the ocean and can cool off with a swim any time.
When it's this humid, there's a high likelihood that there'll be a brief passing shower followed by a rainbow in the sky - follow that rainbow to 408 Lewers Street.
Peel off that shirt and cool down with us at Bacchus. A frosty brew? A $5 New Amsterdam Vodka citrus-flavored cocktail? A shot of Jäger? Whatever you need, we'll do our best to make paradise better than it already is.

Come see Pauli today 12PM - 5PM. He'll make sure the sweat on your treasure trail cools. ;-)