Travel Makes You Drink Margaritas

...or at least, it makes you open to "trying new things," according to this science-based article, 13 Amazing Things Travel Does to Your Brain.  Honolulu regulars already know the joy of a Monday Margarita at Bacchus, but what about those traveling to Waikiki for the first time?  They're opening up to a new experience - and apparently, that kind of openness is great for your health, your personality, and even your chance of getting promoted at work!

According to the article, traveling can make you humbler, smarter, AND better at work.  Now that calls for a margarita! Whether you're a Bacchus regular or a tourist looking for a great place to meet new folks, travel over to Waikiki's best bar and have a $3 margarita on us.  We'll help you dream up your next big adventure.