Adam After Sundown on Saturdays

You'll get a delicious cocktail with a smile every Saturday night. His favorite cocktail to mix up is a Vodka/Red Bull because it gets you ready to party! Other faves include: Tokyo Teas, Mai Tai's and any version of the Mule (Moscow, Jameson, etc.).

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The craziest experience he's had as a bartender was a "youthful" gentleman came up to Adam and wouldn't look at him while he was ordering. Absolutely – no eye contact. Adam asked for his ID because the guy was wearing his dorm key on a lanyard around their neck, dead giveaway. The ID said the kid's name was Isaac and that he was 24. The kid looked 14. Just then, his buddy turned to him and called him Tom.

Totally busted, Isaac/Tom was asked to leave. But Adam did it politely, with that gorgeous smile. :-)