Friday Night Lightness

It's National Tequila Day. Staying "buzzed" throughout a Friday night of partying can be difficult. Here are some helpful hints to maintain the happy and not get blackout drunk:

  1. EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU START DRINKING, ANYTHING. There are so many options for quick food in Honolulu. A musubi from ABC not appetizing? We've even got gourmet sandwiches for sale for $4. Try a BLT, Turkey Pesto, Butcher's Cut Roast Beef or Chicken Banh Mi. Baker & Butcher makes them fresh for us. We'll even heat the sandwich up for you.
  2. STAY HYDRATED. Drinking a one to one ratio of non-alcoholic to alcoholic beverages is a good policy – that's one serving of water for every serving of alcohol. Order that Jack Daniels with a "water back" or order a bottle of water with your first cocktail and sip on it intermittently. We got bottles of water behind the bar. Easy.
  3. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DRINKING. Do you know the alcohol content of Sex On The Beach? or that Hapa Brown Ale? Some mixed drinks bring up your blood alcohol content (BAC) more quickly than others. Your ability to get a buzz can all relate to your alcohol tolerance- which may have nothing to do with your weight.
  4. PACE YOURSELF. Are three tequila shots in-a-row the best choice? Probably not. 
  5. MOVE TO THE MUSIC. A little exercise can help dampen the buzz a bit. Of course, if you're drinking while you're dancing, it completely negates this. DJ Dante's gonna play some hip-hop to get your hips hoping' and you just need to put the drink on the bar or table and move that bootie.
  6. STOP DRINKING IF YOU START TO FEEL DRUNK. Symptoms include feeling a loss of control of your thoughts, blurry vision, slurred speech and balance problems. This is when to sit down and ask your buddies to keep an eye on you. Get that second bottle of water from the bar.
  7. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY. Keeping a light attitude is important. Alcohol can dampen your psychological mood. Don't drink if you're upset, it's not gonna help.
  8. TRUST YOUR BARTENDER. When a bartender cuts you off or gives you a bottle of water when you order that third Long Island Iced Tea, accept the bottle graciously. It's in his best interest to keep you coming back for more.