Blue Eyes

"Cerulean. Bombay Sapphire. The deep end of the pool."

This Zachary Quinto quote made us think of staring into young Captain Kirk's eyes and Bombay Sapphire in the beautiful blue bottle. It's a gin which has turned millions on to gin, and a gin which is the first gin behind a bar that people recognized and want to be seen drinking.

And while you're drinking it, you'll notice that it has a strong citrus nose with lemon dominating. There are some alcohol notes in there too, along with some juniper. There’s a sweetness and a distinct floral fruity character in the background: bright and strongly aromatic that sets it apart especially from typical London Dry style gins like Beefeater.

Try it in a Royal Hawaiian, a Gin and Tonic or a delicious citrus-toned Gin Martini and imagine that you're being seduced by Zachary or Chris or both.