Making the Right Cocktail Choice

Making decisions is hard—ask any three-year-old in a Baskin Robbins. But even as you get older and you get better at making decisions, some choices seem to be harder to make than others. (Ask any 30-year-old in a Baskin Robbins.)

To help you navigate through 2-4-1 Cocktail Wooden Nickel Wednesdays, we've found the weirdest (and creepily helpful) way to figure out what to do. 

Have someone tell you what to drink!

This one's kind of self-fulfilling, but try it out with friends when you're having a hard time deciding on the Moscow Mule or Jameson Mule or the Beach Bum or the Royal Hawaiian.

Basically, stand normally, with feet slightly together, and close your eyes and have your friend say the name of a cocktail choice. Feel how your body reacts.

If you shiver and shudder, it's probably not the right drink for you. If you feel all tingly, then BINGO, place that order.

And, on Wednesdays at Bacchus, every single cocktail order comes with a wooden nickel because it's 2-4-1 Wednesday. Use that wooden nickel right away or on any other day.