Raise a Glass to Our Travel Bucket List

Nothing says midsummer like a delicious drink while watching the sunset in a beautiful place. You might be aching to try a few of these amazing pairings – a favorite drink with a mouth-watering travel destination. Below, we list our top travel location/drink pairings. We're curious about yours. Where would you like to travel, and what would you drink when you got there?

1. Singha beer - Thailand. A cold, refreshing beer on a tropical beach? Yes please! Sure, if you live in Waikiki, you can do the same thing here, but try it somewhere else!

 (photo from flickr )

(photo from flickr)

2. Wine - France. Tiny villages set into vineyards and cultivated fields…this pairing is classic, elegant, and timeless. Sit in the outdoor garden of a small bistro and sip a chilled white or rosé or a deep luscious red.

 (photo by dynamosquito via Wikimedia Commons)

(photo by dynamosquito via Wikimedia Commons)

3. Vodka - Norway. Toast a fjord the way they drink this spirit in Scandinavia. Breathe in the mountain air and drink a room temperature vodka with a clear, pure taste.

 Image via wikimedia commons (Fjaerlands fjord, Norway)

Image via wikimedia commons (Fjaerlands fjord, Norway)

4. Sake - Tokyo. The skyline is neon and glittering, but the sake can be milky and cool or warm and crystal clear. Drink it up in a bustling nightclub or at an exquisite sushi/sashimi dinner.

5. Whisky - Nashville. Tennessee whisky – you've heard the bragging from certain purveyors of American spirits. Listen to some smooth country and sip some smooth mash.

 (photo by Kaldari via wikimedia commons)

(photo by Kaldari via wikimedia commons)

6. Capirinha - Brazil. Crushed ice, lime, sugar cane, rum in the lush, vibrant culture of this soccer-mad nation.

7. Mai Tai - Waikiki. There's no place like Bacchus! If you can't travel right now, join us for a little armchair dreaming. 

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What travel-drink pairing is on your list?