Fifty-Seven Reasons to Love Michael Jackson

It’s been seven years since we lost the King of Pop, but his music lives on. On his 57th birthday…in honor of the man in the mirror, a ranking of his top 57 songs.

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In 2014, MySpace blogger Keith Murphy created his ranked list below of the top Michael Jackson songs of all time. Thanks Keith; we wholeheartedly agree (with a few edits). Here's his list. Enjoy.

57. Heal the World (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

56. Shout (Invincible B-Side to "Cry," Epic, 2001)

55. Streetwalker (Bad 25, MJJ/Epic/Legacy, 2012)

54. Don't Be Messin' Around (Bad 25, MJJ/Epic/Legacy, 2012)

53. Carousel (Thriller 25 Super Deluxe Edition, Epic, 2008)

52. Fly Away (Bad 25, MJJ/Epic/Legacy, 2012)

51. Black or White  (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

50. You Are Not Alone (HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Epic/MJJ Records, 1995)

49. I'm So Blue (Bad 25, MJJ/Epic/Legacy, 2012)

48. Smile (HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Epic/MJJ Records, 1995)

47. Speed Demon (Bad, Epic, 1987)

46. Will You Be There (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

45. Music And Me (Music & Me, Motown, 1973)

44. Dangerous (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

43. Leave Me Alone (Bad, Epic, 1987)

42. Girlfriend (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

41. You Can't Win (The Wiz OST, MCA/Motown, 1978)

40. Maria (You Were the Only One) (Got to Be There, Motown, 1972)

39. Jam (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

38. Another Part of Me (Bad, Epic, 1987)

37. Baby Be Mine (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

36. Gone Too Soon (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

35. Scream (HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Epic/MJJ Records, 1995)

34. Ain't No Sunshine (Got to Be There, Motown, 1972)

33. They Don't Care About Us (HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Epic/MJJ Records, 1995)

32. Butterflies (Invincible, Epic, 2001)

31. On the Line (Ghosts, Epic, 1997)

30. You Rock My World (Invincible, Epic, 2001)

29. Who Is It (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

28. Ben (Ben, Motown, 1972)

27. Give in to Me (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

26. It's the Falling in Love (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

25. Say Say Say (Paul McCartney, Pipes of Peace, Columbia, 1983)

24. Liberian Girl (Bad, Epic, 1987)

23. The Lady in My Life (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

22. Stranger In Moscow (HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Epic/MJJ Records, 1995)

21. Dirty Diana (Bad, Epic, 1987)

20. The Way You Make Me Feel (Bad, Epic, 1987)

19. Thriller (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

18. In the Closet (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

17. Smooth Criminal (Bad, Epic, 1987)

16. She's out of My Life (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

15. Get on the Floor (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

14. Got to Be There (Got to Be There, Motown, 1971)

13. Human Nature (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

12. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Got to Be There, Motown, 1972)

11. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

10. Off the Wall (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

Confident and bursting with optimism, a genius MJ made the arduous transition from kiddie act to grown man look like an afterthought. Bow down to greatness.

9. I Can't Help It (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

There is a kind of quiet complexity that simmers from this Stevie Wonder-written tune. From the "da-da-da-da" adlibs to the heart-tugging phrasing that permeates from its sensual lyrics (by the end of the song you just want Mike to win the girl), this is the sound of a once-in-a-life-time talent in a zone.

8. Remember the Time (Dangerous, Epic, 1991)

Somewhere on the globe, this Teddy Riley-produced classic is getting a run at a wedding reception, backyard barbecue, Bar Mitzvah or just about any other get-together/celebration that raises the spirit.  New Jack Swing never sounded so regal.

7. Man in the Mirror (Bad, Epic, 1987)

If you are going to make a gospel-infused pop anthem this is how you do it. MJ offers a sobering view of just how F'd up the world is. But his optimism comes from an individual's ability to personally "make that change." Makes you want raise your lighter.

6. Workin' Day and Night (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

Arguably the funkiest cut in MJ's sizable arsenal, "Workin' Day and Night" doesn't have time to play games. It punches you in the face and dares you to do something about it. 

5. Beat It (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

No, MJ was not the first African-American act to incorporate rock riffs into the mix. Following Jimi Hendrix's lead, Parliament Funkadelic rode those waves long ago, and Prince created his genius Minneapolis sound by merging guitar hero theatrics with sex-propelled R&B. But what Jackson and guest ax man Eddie Van Halen did do was make unfiltered pop sound like it could be played at Hell's Angel bike rally. That's tough.

4. Rock with You (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

Soulful perfection is achieved here. Indeed, MJ makes it look all too easy.

3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

The secret to this joyous, cheeky romp is its relentless energy. Just when you think a breather is on the way, MJ hits you with the type of soaring coda ("Mama say mama sa mamacoosa!") that raises the dead. Let's dance!

2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Off the Wall, Epic, 1979)

By 1979, the critics declared disco dead. But "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" managed to make such declarations premature, all the while creating a post-disco aesthetic that laid the blueprint for Jackson's '80s global takeover. The sweat-inducing sound off to arguably MJ's greatest album work.

1. Billie Jean (Thriller, Epic, 1982)

Is there a more iconic start to a song? When the percussive knock hits, you are merely informed that music will never be the same again. Yes, we all know the majesty of "Billie Jean." We know that months after Thriller's release—and fueled by this devastating clinic in pop craftsmanship (oh, the hooks!)—MJ would become the biggest music act on the planet. We know that the versatile Quincy Jones helped keep the Gloved One's eyes on the prize of total domination. And we know Michael's lyrics, which drip with raw paranoia, by heart. Long live the King.

Special thanks to Keith Murphy's MySpace page.