Bodies We Want

There are times when nothing hits the spot like a beer. Whether you prefer a commercial brand or a local artisanal craft beer, you'll find a wealth of choices out there.


Light-Bodied. These beers are dry, crisp pilsners and pale lagers like Heineken and Corona. They have body and are still refreshing. Try them with spicy cuisine like a Baker & Butcher Banh Mi.

Medium-Bodied. These beers have a deeper flavor than light-bodied brews without the heft of a porter or stout. Anchor Steam or Sam Adams are absolutely terrific with the Baker & Butcher BLT or Butcher's Cut .

Full-Bodied. A traditional Irish dry stout like Guiness is a great foil for salty foods and a nice match with a light Baker & Butcher Turkey Pesto.

For many people, a cold beer is the only way to ease the summer heat. We make it better by chilling the glass first. We make it the best by charging $2 for all beer on Tuesdays. Come on in for a beer and a sandwich.