Rock the Boat!

Drink with us today before and after the LeiBear Day Weekend Makani Cruise. 

Why do gay men love sailing the seas? Something in our blood? It  might be summed up in this blurb for the historical book Hello Sailor!:
When gays had to be closeted, ships were the only places where homosexual men could not only be out but also camp. And on some liners to sunny locales and the New World, queens and butches had a ball. They sashayed and minced their way across the world's oceans. 

Never before has the story been told of the masses. These are the thousands of queer seafarers, mainly stewards, who sometimes even outnumbered the straight men in the catering departments of ships that were household names and the pride of the British fleet. Hello Sailor! uniquely shows what it was like to be queer at sea at a time when land meant straightness.