Frolicking on Land and Sea! Pics!

What a day!

Fun at the bar, then fun on the boat then in the water and back at the bar.

We gathered at the beach and waited for our ship to come in over the higher than usual shore break. Once at sea, we were happy to enjoy calm winds and a smooth ride with excellent relaxing music provided by the captain. A nice break from the thumping club music typically played. The boat stopped for a brief while during which time we enjoyed "man overboard" drills that included some excellent backflips off the side of the boat.

Later in the afternoon, we were back at Bacchus and enjoyed a lunch of gourmet sausages. Thanks Willie! And The Aloha Bears revived TRIVIA at Bacchus and it was a hit! Seven teams vied for the championship including a brave duet of Sexy Japanese Old Men ('later renamed Miss Philippines') and teams of smart Canadians, Betty Whites and Chaka Khans. None were to be outdone, however, by a team of local smarties called the Albany Brigade! Congratulation to all who played!

Here are some photos from the day. Click on the photo to enlarge.