Where Were You in 1998?


We're playing music from the year 1998 tonight. Throwback with us.

What a year for music. The top songs were about love. Brandy and Monica got into a catfight over a man, "The Boy is Mine," and Shania Twain told him he was "...Still the One." Savage Garden loved you "Truly Madly Deeply" and Celine Dion crooned that her "Heart Will Go On."....and on.....and on....

Mariah gave everyone "My All" for one more night with you and Paula Cole got impatient and told us "I Don't Want to Wait" and while Chumbawamba was "Tubthumping," Wyclef was "Gone till November," and it's no wonder that Madonna was "Frozen."

So "Quit Playin' Games with My Heart" and forget that "Bittersweet Symphony." You've got to "Spice Up Your Life" and appreciate your "Semi-Charmed Life." Let's get "Together Again" and "Get Jiggy With It," take it "Nice and Slow" because we "Don't Want to Miss a Thing!"

A remarkable year of pop, rap, funk and fun. Come to Bacchus, at 6PM as we continue our new Throwback Thursday. This week it's 1998.

Our Thursday Tequila special continues…All Tequila $5.