We Met at Bacchus - 1


How did that room key get in his pocket? Ask them tonight, they'll be at Bacchus for DJ Kuya and $6 Absolut cocktails.

Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years, in fact, Monday (1/25) is their 4th anniversary. They're in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. Yesterday, we met with the couple and they told us the story of how they met. It's a tale of mystery.

Wes is tall and handsome with a sexy mustache, crooked smile and lean body. He started the conversation - telling his side of the story (below).

"I was in Honolulu alone. I lived in LA at the time and I just needed to get away from work, from family, from stress. It was a crazy holiday season and the beginning of January is always a hectic time for me. I thought Hawaii would be perfect. I'd been to Maui and the Big Island, but I'd never been to Honolulu."

Wes lets out a big sigh and his eyes quickly look over at Rob, "I did a little online research and saw that there were a few gay bars. I thought it'd be nice to check them out, but meeting up/hooking up wasn't my focus. It would be nice just to hang out with like-minded men."

At this point Rob lets out a big laugh, a hearty deep-voiced chuckle. His lumberjack-manly voice is unexpected. Short and blond, with a hipster buzz cut, he's a muscular guy with soft features and icy blue eyes.

"Like-minded men! HA!"

Wes smiles and lands a soft punch on Rob's tanned shoulder. "The gay guide I picked up featured another bar. I checked it out, had a drink there. It wasn't for me. I paid something like $10 to get in. Man, I hate to say I'm cheap, but hey...I just didn't know what it was for. Some show that was later, I guess. Anyway...."

At this point he put his hand up to his chin and stared upward as if he were thinking of what happened next. Scheming to tell the story in a particular way.

"Okay, so I saw this guy, and he was alone. He was just my type: shorter and muscled with a couple of tattoos on his shoulder. He was leaving the bar, so I chugged my drink and set out after him. Yes, stalking, but not creepy stalking, just following to see where he was going.

"He walked up toward the beach and had to stop at the crosswalk. I stood even with him and stared ahead as we waited. There was a weird sort of twinge when I felt him turn and look at me. I thought he said 'Hey!' but I wasn't sure and kept looking straight ahead. Soon, about two thousand people had also crowded around us waiting for the light to turn.

"We walked across the street side by side. He turned right and that's when I looked down and saw him look up at me and beckon me with a flick of his head. He wanted me to follow him.

"Without speaking, I walked along side of him for about 5 blocks. Past the Surfrider, past the Apple Store, past the Royal Hawaiian. My heart was racing. I didn't know where we were headed. Maybe to his hotel? Well, that's what I really thought.

"We crossed a busy street and it looked like he was heading into a clothing store. He bypassed the entrance and stopped at an ATM. I laughed and finally spoke up,

'You wanted me to follow you to an ATM?'

"He said, 'Nah, brah, I want you to follow me to another place. We'll have fun there. It's a bar two blocks that way.' And he pointed down to this bar, Bacchus. 'I saw you following me, and I saw the map in your pocket. You're visiting. Let me show you a cool new place. You'll like it.'

"I laughed to myself, well maybe out loud," Wes said, "and told him to take me there."

"There was something so casual about him. Obviously, he was a local and knew the town. I didn't feel as if he were 'working me' or 'swindling me' or trying anything funny. There was total sexual tension and excitement on my part. So he got some cash out of the ATM and I followed him.

"As we started walking up the stairs to enter Bacchus, I felt his hand on the small of my back. He was guiding me, but he was also giving me a subtle hint that he had 'claimed' me for the night. I was his. And that was okay with me.

"Anyway, there were some people on the lanai smoking and drinking. It was about 10:30/11:00 when we arrived. We went inside and the bar was packed. About 100 guys. There was a bartender right in front when you walk in. Bearded guy, muscle-y, great smile. He was HOT! I knew this was the place!

"I heard someone shout, 'Jamie! How's it?' and that's when I learned that the guy I had been following across Waikiki was named Jamie.

"Jamie turned and smiled, 'Jody! Good to see you man!' He turned to me and said, 'Hey, this is my new buddy, visiting, never been to Bacchus.' I realized that Jamie didn't know my name."

"I introduced myself to Jody and we briefly exchanged stories- he was from the south and had moved here from SF to help out with the bar - great guy! Great energy!"

"Jamie offered to get me a drink from the bartender, Keith! Damn he's a sexy man! And soon I was mixing and mingling in the crowd of locals and visitors. The music was jamming, I think it was Daft Punk, and I was loving the bar. So cozy and homey and comfortable. Everyone was being so nice. Jamie was standing next to me, hand on my back and he was being so friendly – introducing me to everyone. I turned to shake the hand of another one of Jamie's friends, and that's when I saw Rob.

"The front door had opened and Rob walked in alone. It sounds ridiculous, but the crowd parted for him. There was a glow all around Rob. An aura. Something about the moment (a pause in the music? a shift of the lights?) made everyone turn and look at him.

"I remember exactly what Rob was wearing: cutt-off denim shorts and a white tank top. He was definitely showing off his tight body.

"Jamie lifted his hand off of my back and turned to stare at Rob. It was one of those gay moments. Unspoken, quick, and instantly the dynamic changes. I knew that Jamie had decided that Rob was going to be his new boyfriend tonight.

"I felt a little dejected, but not too bad. I went to the bar to get a drink. Keith smiled that Cheshire Cat smile at me and asked if I wanted the same. I agreed and reached into my back pocket for my wallet. I felt a card, no it was a folded card with a plastic credit card inside. No, it was a room key. I pulled it out and looked at it. It wasn't mine, the card case said, 'Marriott Courtyard'. I was staying at the Surfrider. The room number was written inside, 427. Hmmm.

"I thought, 'How did this get in here?' And figured it was probably Jamie who had put it there. But he was a local, why would he have a Marriott room key?

Turns out…