We Met at Bacchus - 2


Did Rob choose to sleep with Wes the night they first met? Does he kiss and tell? He'll be at Bacchus for DJ Takai and $6 Jack Daniels, maybe he'll confess.

Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years, in fact, Monday (1/25) is their 4th anniversary. They're in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. This past Friday, we met with the couple and they told us the story of how they met. It's a tale of mystery. We got part one of Wes' version yesterday. Today, we hear from Rob.

Rob is what they call a complete package. Handsome, blue-eyed, muscular and manly. He keeps his hair buzzed tight so at first glance you get the impression he's in the military. Rob starts telling his side of the story about the night leading up to first seeing Wes (below).

"There's no way I'm going to come off looking like a saint in this story, but I swear I'm innocent!" Rob shifts comfortably in his chair and smirks as he looks over at Wes. He takes a long sip from his pint glass (Longboard IPA) and swallows.

"Here goes."

"I'd been visiting Honolulu since I was a kid. My folks had a timeshare in Waikiki and we'd come here for weeks at a time during Christmas and in the spring and summer. It was a small place with one bedroom and a pull-out couch, super tight living for me, my brother and my parents.

"As a kid, I would hang out at the beach and boogie board in the surf. And, as a kid, I made friends with kids my own age easily. As a matter of fact, one Christmas vacation when I was 14, I met Jamie - the guy who Wes followed from Hulas. I was boogie boarding on Waikiki and he was heading back to shore from surfing.

"Jamie and I are the same age. I had just had a killer long ride - probably 5 seconds," Rob laughed, "along the shore on my boogie board and flipped at the end and landed on my ass. He was walking right by and saw the whole thing and said, 'Brah - you okay?'

"I smiled an embarassed smile and Jamie leaned over and offered to help me up. He gripped my right hand and pulled. I was standing and smiling and ready to thank him when I looked into his eyes when I realized that he was still gripping my hand. Tightly.

"I managed to blurt out a 'Thanks,' as I stared into his sparkling eyes as water dripped from his hair. I was 14, man. I felt myself getting a boner. Instantly self-conscious, I tried to pull my hand away. He kept his grip tight.

"No problem. What's your name?" Jamie asked.

"My teenage voice cracked as I said, almost like it were a question, 'Rob...?'

"He said, 'Nice to meet you Rob, I'm Jamie.'

"By this time, my cock was fully engorged and my swim trunks were not hiding it well. In a surge of adrenaline, I pulled my hand away and held my boogie board with both hands over the front of my body making sure to cover my pulsing erection.

He turned to both Wes and me and asked, "You guys all got spontaneous erections when you were a teenager, right?"

We both nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, Jamie and I saw each other every day at the beach and became friends, or 'more than friends' that Christmas. He was the first guy I ever fooled around with. We were in the stairwell at my parents condo building when I first....

Rob's deep voice trailed off with this distant fond memory of lost virginity. He paused for about 20 seconds (it seemed like a lifetime) before he continued.

"Jamie and I met and hooked up every time I came to Hawaii. For over twenty years...through my adolescence, college years and early adulthood. For three weeks every year, he and I would be inseparable playmates - in the bedroom and at the beach. Even when we both had steady boyfriends, our connection was the exception.

"Of course, those early years were all stolen moments trying to find a place to get down to business. Going on hikes and having sex in the woods, in a waterfall. The excitement of almost getting caught. Jamie was my first love. But we always knew it was a temporary, fleeting togetherness that would be rekindled.

Wes chimes in here, "I've heard this story so many times....just like Ennis and Jack fuckin' Twist on Brokeback Mountain..." He rolled his eyes and smirked. Then he grabbed Rob in a headlock and kissed him on the top of his buzz cut. "Go on, get to the part where we meet!"

"Oh, okaaaaaaaay!" Rob sang. "That January, four years ago, I was here with my family, but this time I was staying in my own condo in the same building. Jamie and I had met up and hung out and played around like we always do. That day, January 25th we were laying in bed after sex and I told him about this guy I had met back in San Francisco - oh! did I tell you? I lived in San Francisco then....anyway - I told Jamie about meeting this guy Bruce back in San Francisco and how we'd become fuck buds just like he and I were.

"Jamie's was agitated, 'Just like you and me? Really? But we've got a connection that's been like what? 22 years?'

"I told him, 'No way. Nothing is like you and me. Nothing will ever be like you and me. But you play with other guys, right?'

"He seemed dejected and in a soft voice sighed, 'Of course, man. All the time.'

"I told him, and I remember my exact words, 'Well, don't get all crazy about it, I'm just telling you about a guy. In fact, it'd be fucking amazing if all three of us could play together.'

"He seemed to perk up about the idea and said, 'You want a threeway? I got a buddy of mine I think you'd like to play with both of us. Meet me out at Bacchus tonight.'

"And so later that night I went to Bacchus…