ASK BACCHUS: Who'll Fix My '57 Chevy?

I'm thirsty for a '57 Chevy. Can I get one?

For those of you who don't know, our cocktail menu used to feature a drink called the '57 Chevy. It was a delightful Presbyterian (or Pres) cocktail made with blackberry-infused Canadian Club Dock '57. The subtle delicious blackberry taste of the whiskey blended well with lemon-lime soda.

All drinks from past cocktail menus are still available to our customers, just ask. If we don't have all of the correct ingredients, we'll do our best to make something you'll truly love.

We're introducing new cocktails in the coming weeks. We always want to hear your thoughts and wishes on our specialty cocktails. Let one of our craftsmen know.

AND, enjoy our $2 Tap Tuesday today, all day, all night. We'll be mixing up our beer selections in the coming months. Tell us what you like.